Summer is a challenging time for one’s skin. The scorching sun and the blazing heat can be ruthless, particularly to the skin. Pollution and other environmental toxins can rip your skin off of its natural glow, turning it oily.

    • Change your face wash: Although in winters, a nourishing face wash will work well, in summers, however, you will need one that can help your skin get rid of any excess oil.
    • Add anti-oxidants for your skin-care: Spend in a good quality antioxidant serum for the summer months. Not only will an antioxidant serum hydrate the skin, but it will also protect the skin from several environmental damages.
    • Keep skin hydrated: Keep in mind that summer is a time when the skin needs hydration as well as moisture. Invest in an excellent hydrating mask which you can use a few times in a week.